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Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF] [Fate] $44.99 $14.99
Publisher: Void Star Games
by Todd C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/15/2016 20:24:34

PDF is nice. Setting is nice. But implementation of FATE was not to my liking. Too much crunch character creation. Unlike FATE Core (or other FATE versions?), this has too many ways to "game" your character so you can get higher resources etc. Less rules, use the core basic FATE system. I still may use some material but I just started a Mindjammer campaign and although I've been trying to get more to a hard sci-fi like EclipsePhase, Transhuman Space or Nova Praxis setting, Mindjammer was more true to what I have like so far with FATE.

But I'm prolly biased since I got FATE Core, read thru it and used it couple times before I tried to use Nova Praxi and its derivative. In Nova Praxis's defense, I've guesssing the Eclipse Phase FATE version is probably too "crunchy" also for my liking.

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Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF] [Fate]
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